Sweltering hot on Christmas

Normally, Christmastime in this part of the country is pretty warm. I wouldn’t say it’s hot, but while a lot of the country is battling with ice and snow we have pleasant 50 degrees days. Like I said, not warm, but a long way off from the winter weather hell many people have to endure. This year ended up being a little bit different, because it was actually hot out. It felt like summer in the middle of December, and to be honest it was getting in the way of my Christmas cheer. It just not feel like the holidays this year, and I wanted to change that. On Christmas Eve I turned on my air conditioner, and I set the thermostat down so low that it would never turn off. Within an hour, the entire house was rather chilly, and my wife asked me to shut off the AC. I responded that it was going to stay on the whole day, and what nature would not give us we would give to ourselves with the gift of air conditioning. We put on warm pajamas, got under a blanket, and watched Christmas movies all day long, shivering under the air vent. Of course it was not natural, but using the AC so intensely tricked my brain into thinking it was cold out. All that extra cooling helped to bring the Christmas spirit back to my house, and it made the day seem a lot more festive. After we finish opening presents I think I will maybe turn the AC up a little bit, but I haven’t made up my mind just yet.