Taking Care of the Dog

Is there anyone who thinks you don’t have to take care of your dog if you have one? Well, in other countries, dog owners sometimes act much differently toward their pets than we do here in our country. In our country, most people who have a dog or cat consider them to be a part of the family. Some really go overboard about it and even buy their dogs clothes and such. I do not have any desire to buy my dog clothes, but I do think it is very important to take good care of my dog. One of the things that I really have to do a lot is make sure she is taken care of when I have to go out of town. One thing that is really important is that she gets to live with the proper heating and cooling. Some people think they can just leave their dogs outside all the time, but I just think that is wrong. My dog is used to living in the house with the air conditioning or the heater. To make her stay outside in a kennel without a/c or a heater would be just plain wrong. I know it would make her stressed out. I have even heard of dogs dying because they get overheated! I certainly would not want that to happen to my dog! I have a couple of options. I can leave the dog at home and leave my air conditioning running as usual. I could also opt to take her to a kennel that offers a/c in the dog areas. Either way, I am able to not be worried about her so much while I am gone.

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