Taking care of them

Back in your mornings as a child your mom plus dad are often following you around to make sure that you don’t forget the crucial stuff; Even though they would much rather be putting their time plus energy towards other things, they do it because they love you.

  • As a child you often fail to see the point in doing things that are absolutely entirely crucial such as brushing your teeth, cleaning your room, plus being safe when playing outside… Now that I am adult plus my mom plus dad are getting older, the people I was with and I have slowly started to switch roles over the past few years.

At least once a month, I make the several minute drive down to my parents apartment to hang out with them plus to check on the house, but they are getting undoubtedly forgetful in their old age, plus this has led to many problems with their cooling system unit. They will run this old plus run down component on maximum settings for weeks on end, plus then forget to schedule an Heating as well as A/C repair check up although I reminded them over the phone! I have found over time that it is best when I come down plus act as the mediator between them plus the Heating as well as A/C dealer they hire, because any questions the nice men ever have for them about the state of the cooling system unit, my parents never absolutely know! I must have been a super ornery plus forgetful child back in the afternoon, because karma has left me with some beautiful, yet extremely forgetful parents to take care of now!

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