Taking down walls and cooling

Doing lake house repairs gets to be pretty hot! I was an idiot and ran our cooling system while I put up drywall in our home. It made sense at the time to me. I was warm and sweaty and begging for AC. The AC plan kept myself and others freezing while I ripped down walls and moved new heavy drywall all over. I even remember thinking that the cooling system was helping to move the dust around… When taking down and adding walls, dust flies all over the arena! Usually I end up inhaling it or covered in a white layer. With the cooling system on, the dust was always moving and did not bother myself and others with our mask on. Well after I finished the installation I realized using the AC was a mistake. The drywall dust got sucked up into the cooling system. The whole inner workings including the fan and motor were totally jammed with a layer of white movie. The air cooling component looked super gross. I knew I could not run the AC in that condition. It would have for sure overheated with all the gunk in it, because the dust was so much I was forced to call a cooling business to disinfect it out. It was pretty fancy to have done too. If I would have just used a fan or endured the heat, our AC plan would have been fine. I am just thankful that I did not totally wreck our cooling component using it with so much dust in the air quality.

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