Taking some steps

It is confirmed that I am going to be a helicopter Dad throughout all our son’s life. Before our child was born, I made our dear partner baby proof the entire house. The people I was with and I also removed our very dangerous gas fireplace with heated flooring. This was to ensure our son’s tiny little hands don’t get burned. I also made sure the home air quality was fresh for our fresh newborn’s lungs. Thankfully, I thought ahead to check the condo for dangerous gasses, as well. I then found that our condo has a dangerous amount of harmful radon in the air quality. What genuinely made it incredibly horrible is that the worst room in the home was our son’s nursery, of course. I freaked out about our child potentially dying due to the radon. I also desperately freaked out that our child would have birth defects, tons of respiratory complications or possibly leukemia due to being our belly plus me continually inhaling the radon. After confirming with the dentist that our child plus I definitely were both alright, I went on the quest for radon reduction. I started with going through and caulking plus sealing all the cracks in our home’s foundation. I also made sure that I had an air purification system installed to remove some of the radon right away from the air quality, and next, I called a radon reduction supplier to come over and install a radon mitigation system. This is where the contractor installs piping in the old basement that leads up through the wall all the way to the attic. The lengthy pipes lead to a fan that vents out the harmful air quality. It is definitely 99% effective. Even with this, our child is born plus I am completely terrified the radon can still hurt him.

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