Talking about winter weather

I have to say, I’m not usually a huge fan of the air quality at public places. It can actually ruin my entire night when I’m out on the town, dressed up and ready for the evening, and the indoor air temperature quickly shuts down any plans of being comfortable. I can’t even tell you the number of times that I’ve been all done up, wearing a fabulous little dress, only to step into a restaurant and turn myself right back around as soon as the AC hits my body. I have to go back to the car, dig around in the back seat, and pray that i can procure a sweater or jacket of some sort to shield myself against the abundant air conditioning. Then, my whole outfit and vibe for the night are completely ruined, as I’m dressed more like a hobo than a young woman out on the town. That’s why I was so thoroughly shocked last weekend, when we stepped out to go out for a drink and for the first time in my life I was actually blown away by the HVAC settings at the bar, in a good way. From the moment we stepped into the establishment, I was impressed by the overall environment. This included the decor, but more importantly, the air quality and temperature. I simply couldn’t get over how warm it felt in every single corner of the restaurant. There wasn’t a single chilly corner or drafty spot, and I was so impressed with whatever sort of air handling system they employed that I had to ask the waitress what their HVAC system was like. After talking to the manager, she told me that they weren’t running any heating or cooling that night.

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