Talking my friend into getting a smart thermostat

My friend recently purchased a new home.

  • It’s a beautiful house with a lot of property.

This is the second house she has purchased in her life and she was telling me that she plans to be a lot more frugal and vigilant when it comes to heating and air conditioning. At her old house, she had complained constantly about how high the bills were. About a year in, she started returning to her old ways of cranking up the heating during the winter and blasting the air conditioning during the summer. She started telling me again about her monthly payments. I suggested upgrading her HVAC system and getting a new, energy efficient furnace and air conditioner but she told me she didn’t have that kind of money to spend right now. After some contemplation, I recommended that she look into getting a smart thermostat. She had never heard of a smart thermostat before. I explained to her that while she was away from the house, she could set the smart thermostat to stay at a more moderate temperature and when she got home it would turn on the air conditioner or heater to make her comfortable. She took me up on it, and after 3 months she had saved enough money to upgrade her HVAC system to include an energy efficient furnace and air conditioner. I was so impressed with her results that I took my own advice and invested in a smart thermostat and eventually an upgraded furnace and air conditioner for myself. I probably should have done this years ago!

Heating technician