Tea and air conditioning

The camping trip was not what I had thought it was going to be.  I thought my sons and I would be able to do some bonding that weekend.  Instead, we almost bonded together from our sweaty bodies. They hated sleeping on the ground and when they realized I had an air mattress, they wanted to sleep on it with me.  They were only eight and ten, but those air mattresses are not that big. I ended up sleeping on the ground while they slept comfortably on the air mattress. Halfway through the night, I got up and went outside to sit by the dying campfire.  The smoke helped to keep the bugs away, which was good. I had forgot to pack the bug spray that was sitting on my dining room table. I was wondering why I decided to take on this camping trip. It was drizzling and the little bit of rain helped to cool me off.  I could hear a droning noise coming from the camper next door to us. The woman who was in there came out and asked me if I wanted to join her in a cup of tea. I didn’t want to leave her camper. She had an air conditioner in her camper. She told me she didn’t go anywhere if there wasn’t AC.  I agreed on that point. My AC was all that got me through the summer. She showed me a small portable air conditioner that she bought for the kids tent, but they decided to stay with some friends. They had ever better air conditioning in their camper.

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