Teaching the boys a lesson

Ever since the Summer season started my kids have been acting prefer spoiled brats, whenever I try to get them to go out and do things with their friends prefer to play soccer at the park or walk the dogs they look at myself and others prefer I am silly and tell myself and others that it is far too moderate outside for that.

  • Instead of doing anything with their summer, they just sit around in the kitchen soaking up the air conditioner and seeing tV.

It simply doesn’t make any sense to me. I knew that when the people I was with and I had our new industrial grade air conditioner unit put in the kids would be obsessed with it, but I had no proposal that getting them out of the lake house would be this hard! My wifey and I are finally fed up and the people I was with and I have something up our sleeves to prove to them just how drastic the people I was with and I are about them getting out of the house. We have decided to have our Heating, Ventilation & A/C repair tech come over and disconnect the air conditioner early in the day! During the day there will be no cool air flowing through the lake house and the kids will be forced to go do something outside or find anywhere else to kneel around.When the sun starts to set only then will the people I was with and I connect the cooling system and turn it back on, the kids really have voiced their hatred for our master plan, but I think that it is the best for them in the long run… Summer is for playing outside and going on adventures with your friends, not laying around next to the air conditioner all day!

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