Temperature control at work

Where I work is a tiny restaurant; there is about 33 tables total, 47 seats including both bars. We carry a large selection of crafts beers and wines – our craft beer is really what goes well for us. Last week, I was trying to poor a beer from our inside bar – we have six taps inside and 20 taps outside – well, all of the inside taps were pretty much pouring straight head instead of liquid, which typically our inside beers poor a little more difficult than the outside ones do for whatever reason, but these ones were really bad. So I told my boss and he said not to use them for the rest of the afternoon which wasn’t fun because we had just barely opened. The next day when we were closed, my boss had cleaned the entire cooler out, removed all wine bottles, beer bottles and kegs. Once it was cleaned out, he tried to figure out what was the problem. There was a switch in the back that had been turned off and had to be turned on – it must’ve gotten knocked at some point changing the kegs! That is why the temperature in the cooler was higher than it should’ve been and why the beers were pouring so foamy! We were both incredibly thankful it was nothing more serious or more expensive – we have had bad luck with coolers lately. This just would have been the icing on the cake, right in the start of our busy season too!

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