Temperature controls that connect to WIFI

I admit that I can be a bit of a control freak.

I care about certain things done in a certain way & at certain times.

I am so controlling that when our wifey asks me to wash the dishes or to mow the lawn I always respond with a terse “I’ll do it when I’m ready.” Her next question is “Are you ready yet?” & I say, “Of course I am” & then go about doing our assigned chores. Now that’s what I call control. By now you’ve sussed out who the boss is in our family however that doesn’t mean I can’t control some things such as “smart” products. My smart garage door opener jumps to our recommendation when I pull into our driveway. My smart doorbell submits every time visitors approach our door. I have a secret crush on Siri, however our tplot desire is to get a smart temperature controls for our AC plan with Wi-Fi capabilities. With that, I could drive to almost anyplace & control the temperatures of our house. Another a single of our character faults is that I care about to be remembered & the smart temperature controls will use motion sensors to remember when I come & go & will devise a schedule for all heating & cooling, all with our permission unless our wifey decides otherwise.But the most important feature in a smart temperature control unit caters to another flaw in our persona, our greed & stinginess. It tracks the family’s energy consumption & after a short while, it can streamline the entire Heating & A/C operation saving me between 10 to 20 percent on energy costs. If I’m lucky our wifey will allow me to watch her spend all the extra savings online after I vacuum the carpet & do some ironing.


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