Thankful the manager of the play made sure the Heating plus A/C was on point for most people

When the Heating plus A/C professional ended up fixing everything, it was so much better

I was really excited when I went to the theatre to be cast in their production of Romeo and Juliet. I really wanted to get the lead position and I worked difficult for it. I had a history of drama classes and I always was a natural actor, or so people have said, mostly my mom. I couldn’t know it when I got the position of Romeo and the young lady who was Juliet was absolutely stunning. We worked for minutes and minutes with 1 another to make sure to get everything perfect with our acting. The manager of the play made sure that all of us got our lines down pat and made the performance magical. I remember there were a few times when the temperature control settings were off in the theatre. It was absolutely affecting our performances, however the manager insisted that all of us continue even though all of us were starting to sweat. There was no time for games so all of us kept on working even while waiting for the Heating plus A/C professional to work on the Heating plus A/C to make sure everything was working respectfully. When the Heating plus A/C professional ended up fixing everything, it was so much better. With that good A/C cranked up in that hot theatre, it made a world of difference. I sincerely couldn’t have imagined us trying to perform our live performances with a broken down Heating plus A/C system, so all of us were truly grateful when everything was working perfectly, however on our opening night, all of us absolutely killed it and everybody was clapping and cheering for us. It really was a thrilling experience, and all the cast members developed a close bond.



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