That cost me a fortune

My spouse and I recently moved into a new house. Our new home was entirely built in the mid seventies. Very little has been done to the property since then. The roof, kitchen, garage electric lines and plumbing are all original and in disappointing shape. All of the windows need to be updated and the wall insulation needs to be redone. When the outside temperature drops, every one of us can feel the air of the drafts coming inside.  During the spring and summer, every one of us get lots of pollen, dust, exhaust fumes and bugs coming into the house. It is nearly impossible to achieve a comfortable temperature and be able to save on the energy bill. While we’d prefer to beginning with some remodeling of the kitchen and garage, every one of us need to concentrate on the heating and cooling issue. There is an well aged heat pump installed outside in the backyard. The location of the heat pump is absurd. It is situated right beside the screen patio, on top of making lots of nose and being hideous. Since the heat pump impacts our year round comfort and is costing us a fortune in electric bills, replacing it is a priority.  The two of us have consulted with a local Heating and Air Conditioning contractor and the estimate for the project was way more high-priced than every one of us expected it to be. We’ve included the cost of a new heat pump, moving the unit to a better location, & the whole replacement process. Plus, the wiring in the new home is unsafe and we’re hoping to replace the whole electrical plan at the same time. I’m expecting the daily energy savings to help reclaim the investment, that way the saved money will go to other remodeling jobs needed done for the house.

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