That could be a problem

Everytime I go into my local heating and cooling dealer to look for spare heating and cooling parts, or to schedule an HVAC tune up appointment, I always see the lady at the front desk. She has the prettiest golden hair, a sexy blouse, and really nice legs! I have to say I have the hots for the HVAC lady. Everytime I go into the heating and cooling dealer I walk up to her and say, “Hey pretty HVAC lady!” She smiles everytime. One of these days, I am gonna gather up the guts to ask her out on a date! I really have the hots for her. She can tune up my HVAC system any day, if you get my drift! Matter of fact, I had to go in there the other day because my heating went out on me. It was something I could fix myself, but I needed some advice from the local heating and cooling specialist in the dealer. So, I went to speak specifically to him. But, to get to him, I had to see the pretty HVAC lady! I was feeling gutsy that day, so I actually asked her if she was single. I found out, that lucky for me, she was! I was so happy to hear this! She was intrigued as to why I asked about this, then I came out and just asked her if she wanted to go out sometime. She said yes! So, I got her number. I then spoke with the HVAC specialist about my problem, and off I was to go home and fix my heating problem. I am looking forward to setting up my date with the hot HVAC gal though. I cannot wait!

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