That is a neat idea

I actually watched my sister Carrie’s hamster when she was on her honeymoon. The babysitting did not go well for her hamster or me. I felt bad for it, always being in this cage and running on it’s wheel. It has a little ball you can actually put it in so that it can run around. I figured what was the harm merely did not use the ball and had the hamster loose. The hamster was as a mouse, I let it out of the cage and it ran at bay. I lost the hamster and be able to found that it snuck away into my ductwork. How achieved it get into my air ducts? I must have had a leak inside the ductwork somewhere for the critter to obtain in. The hamster would run through my HVAC ducts all evening long keeping me awake. I also was constantly reminded can easily can’t get the hamster right out of the ductwork myself. I actually had to call a HVAC contractor to find the hamster out. The pest control people don’t hold the ductwork tools or the training to not ruin my HVAC ducts. Then I had a HVAC professional make use of a giant scrub brush to push the hamster in an open air vent. Then I surely could get the hamster back. I was charged for this service and my partner and I a have the hamster now. I did not tell Carrie about any of this of course. How difficult would that be? I literally lost her hamster in my ductwork and had to pay some guy to get it out.

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