That is my best option

My wife and I have planned an amazing vacation for next year.  We are planning on taking a trip to where we are guaranteed an amazing view of the Northern LIghts.  We are going to go camping, and sleep where the lights are pulsing all around of us. If it means spending a week in an open field, that is what we are going to do.  This is something we have always talked about doing, and this year we are going to write it off our bucket list. In order to be able to afford the trip, we have tightened our belts.  We have decided that we can live off Ramen noodles for the next six months. The luxury toilet tissue will be put aside and we will be using the cheapest we can buy. The only thing she is complaining about is that I said we are not going to be using the air conditioning this summer.  I plan on putting out big box fans. If we can save money on our energy bills by cutting back on the AC, then I am willing to sacrifice. I understand that fans only blow the hot and humid air around and it doesn’t actually cool the area, but our ancestors lived that way. This trip is something that we really want to do and I am willing to go without a few things.  It’s funny, because last year, I didn’t think of air conditioning as a luxury. I’m thinking that after our trip is over, we will be able to go back to normal. Maybe we won’t mind keeping the thermostat a bit higher next year, after going with no air conditioning this year

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