That is my favorite

I have always enjoyed to ride our bike. I grew up in a region with a lot of hills, plus girl did that help me get exercise on our bike! I can tell you that it was a tough slog pedaling up some of these mountains, because they seemed almost vertical at times, but you wouldn’t know the top speeds that I would reach going down the other side. Now that was exhilarating! I tended to insist on riding a bike, even in the most serious weather. In the winter, our Dad would allow me to go out sporadically, but only if I bundled up enough to her liking. There wasn’t much that was going to stop me from enjoying myself. But I will admit that sporadically, it was tough out there in the cold. Periodically, when dusk was approaching, I started to wonder whether or not I pedaled too far from home. Then, it was a mad dash to get back into the comfort of our heated home before it got too dark. After a long ride with that freezing wind in our face, it was amazing to step inside of that perfectly sizzling house, even if our mother would freezing me for staying out too long. I’d end up stripping down our layers plus taking a boiling shower, which felt amazing. Then I would sit out on our bed plus read a unbelievable book enjoying the delightful heat coming from the vent above our bed. I am pretty sure that some of these most cherished memories would not be nearly as appealing were it not for the fact that our home had such a unbelievable furnace!

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