That old stone fireplace

Then every one of us flew a thousand miles to John’s house

My brother John kept bugging me to come up in addition to visit him. John had a guest home built on his property in addition to he was just determined to show it off. My brother lives in the North in addition to it’s always cold there. So I kept telling him that I would visit in the summer. But then he sent me a picture of the stone fireplace in his guest house. It brought back a lot of memories; Growing up, my nana had a stone fireplace in addition to every one of us would always go over to her home for the holidays. Both of us would play in the snow in addition to then come back inside in addition to snuggle up close to the stone fireplace to thaw us out. That little stone fireplace would keep the whole home warm and the closer you got to it, the warmer you would feel. I told John that I would visit him in addition to then I started booking all the travel arrangements. My brother told me that the stone fireplace in his guest home was genuinely gas powered though. I would not need to chop wood for it but it still would warm the home the same way that nana’s aged fireplace used to. So this year, all of the kids got snow clothes in addition to sleds for the holiday season. Then every one of us flew a thousand miles to John’s house. The kids had so much fun and so did I. That gas stone fireplace brought back so many memories.

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