That sound is bothering me

I am easily the owner of a motel supplier as well as I legitimately don’t love the work. The job is quite demanding, as well as I would prefer to sell the entire venue. I consistently have calls about room problems. Sometimes there are issues with the heating, A/C, as well as ventilation system, as well as other times it can be something as simple as the odor inside the room. I really don’t care for Powder Room problems. Some people are not of high-quality, so the plumbing can be abused. Many people frequently move the curtain for the shower, so water runs directly onto the tiles as well as ruins the flooring. Other people will just have water sitting in the bottom of the tub, as well as don’t respectfully drain it. The tub stains are harder than the worst water, as well as that can make it difficult to drain also. The worst part in the room has got to be the toilet. I was recently contacted by one of our rooms, because of a huge toilet issue. The occupant of the room was complaining because the toilet did not flush properly. I use a plumber’s snake as well as a serious flashlight, to find the concern. I found a clear deodorant top stuck in the piping below the toilet. The plastic part was impeding the progress of water from the toilet to the pipe. Luckily, I was able to fish the piece of junk out of the toilet as well as make the necessary daily repairs.

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