That was a great idea

My wife, Annie, and I are determined to become as environmentally conscientious as possible.  It is absolutely an adjustment and has required a lot of effort, time, and expense. In some areas, we’ve unquestionably saved currency, and yet we’ve also spent quite a bit.  Riding our bicycles to and from work, instead of driving our cars, means pumping far less gasoline into the tanks. Growing, canning, and cold vegetables throughout the summer season has trimmed our grocery bills, however buying organic produce is absolutely more high-priced.  Every one of us are also recycling whenever possible, composting, and even collecting rainwater to use for cleaning purposes. A sizable issue was determining the type of heating and cooling plan for our home. Every one of us were not thrilled with the energy draw and redhome gases caused by our conventional central a/c and gas furnace.  Although all of us considered a geothermal heat pump, this was simply not feasible on our budget. Every one of us eventually settled on an electric heat pump and installed solar panels to supply the electricity. There is no combustion process so there is no production of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide or formaldehyde. The heat pump is harshly energy efficient, and because of the solar panels, it runs on free energy.  Although the cost of purchase and replacement was rather high, all of us absolutely reuseed the investment in less than five years. Plus, the heat pump provides both heating and cooling capability, for a year round solution. Despite the disruption of chopping out the existing Heating as well as Air Conditioning system, and upgrading to the heat pump, it was worth it to protect our environment.

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