That was a surprise

Our heating and cooling system died recently and my partner did not want to replace it. We kept it forever until it finally died one day, and even then my partner just wanted to repair it.  I knew all of us finally could upgrade it, and when our partner was talking about just having it repaired, I had to put my foot down. I told her that the energy costs were way too high plus it would definitely cost about the same to upgrade the plan as it would be to have it fixed since it was so ancient. When we called up the Heating plus A/C contractor plus had an Heating plus A/C serviceman over to our home, he confirmed basically what I said to our partner. It was going to be harshly expensive to service the aged Heating plus A/C plan and it would be a better transfer to have it upgraded altogether. She was distraught about this and decided to make her peace with the aged Heating and A/C system. She said her goodbyes plus all of us finally got a new upgrade, however our new plan is so energy efficient plus works fabulously! I am easily ecstatic with it, but our partner seems to still feels bad about it…and that’s the way it is in the world today with heating and cooling systems. We did what we had to do.

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