That was honestly a rip off

When I got out of high school, my biggest interest was wanting to become a factory worker that built heating and cooling systems from the ground up! I did not want to work in a line factory type thing, I actually wanted to be the one to build the HVAC systems by hand, manufacture them and ship them out to the heating and cooling company warehouses where they stock all their central heating and cooling units for sale. This was not something I was ever able to go to school for, as there was no school that taught courses on literally building heating and cooling systems. Sure, there was schools to get your certification to become a top quality heating and cooling repair and installation specialist, but there was never one to actually become the person that was the craftsmanship behind the making of the heating and cooling systems. What I did to compensate for this was began reading books, asking around about small things here and there on the inner workings of a heating and cooling system, and also tried even watching some instructional videos on heating and cooling systems. It was after all this that I realized my goal and dream was pretty much impossible, as heating and cooling systems are actually made on a factory line, and not by a single individual person. I will say though, that this dream did lead me to the HVAC industry. Today, I work as a certified heating and cooling expert and specialist. I got something out of my dream at least!

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