That was tough

One of my favorite restaurants is a little hole in the wall downtown. It’s a taco joint, and there’s hardly any space in the building, but they serve up the best tacos in town. I probably go to this place at least once a week. This does change a little bit during summer, though. I tend to stop going there so often when the heat kicks in because the place doesn’t have an A/C. It’s really a shame that they don’t have a cooling system because it impacts their business so much. I know a lot of people who refuse to go and eat there because they don’t want to have to battle the heat while trying to enjoy their lunch. I don’t blame them at all because I feel the same way. I will still go occasionally, but I always get my order to-go when it’s hot outside. I’ve mentioned the problem to the manager of the restaurant before, but he just apologized. I don’t think they currently have the funding that they would need to get an air conditioner installed, so that’s just going to have to wait a while. Going there makes me realize how much a cooling system can impact one’s dining experience. When I’m dripping with sweat, I tend to enjoy my food much less. All restaurants located in warm climates should have an A/C of some sort if they want to stay in business. I hope my favorite taco joint doesn’t shut down because of their inability to get the right HVAC unit installed. That would be a real shame, and I would miss their food dearly!

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