That was very good

When I was traveling for business recently, I actually got into an interesting conversation when I was on the plane. It was this total stranger and I wasn’t really trying to get into a conversation, but the guy had some excellent advice when it came to HVAC systems and maintenance. The guy was the owner of his own HVAC repair company which I thought was fantastic. I would certainly love to own a business of my own one of these days. He was telling me all about how he started from the bottom as a customer service representative in an HVAC company. He worked hard in school to get his HVAC system certification and finally got out there in the field working as an HVAC technician. He said he was so proud when he first became certified. He was telling me how it was a passion of his since he was a youngster to learn all about heating and cooling technology. He worked hard as an HVAC service professional and eventually he made enough money to start up his own company. He started with a few HVAC workers who were good friends of his and they invested money to become one of the best HVAC repair companies around. He was telling me how important HVAC system maintenance is and his company definitely had some of the best prices around for their services. I felt like we had a really great talk and he gave me his card even. The funny thing, I recognized the company but I never used their services before. I definitely was going to now!

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