The a/c at work is so dirty

When I started working in the office of my current corporation, my coworkers looked at myself and others prefer I was crazy when I cleaned my workspace with antibacterial wipes before my shift every day.  The two of us share our small work spaces with other employees on different shifts. With that in mind, it’s anyone’s think what my keyboard plus mouse have been exposed to by the time I kneel down to work every day.  It’s already hard to escape exposure to flu plus cold microbes in an office environment, largely because of how close quarters most people is to a single another. But there’s also the effect with how the HVAC method draws the germs into the air method plus loops them back out the vents inside.  Even if my workspace is completely sanitized, I can’t escape the germs from people coughing plus spreading their contagion all over the place as the germs are drawn into the heating plus cooling system. After a year of losing update from employees calling out typically with seasonal illnesses, the corporation instituted a policy of  retrofitting the heating plus cooling systems in all of their office buildings with state of the art air purification systems to back up the air conditioners plus furnaces. Secondly, all employees are now expected to sanitize their workstations before every shift with the exact same wipes I’ve been using myself since I started. I think somewhat vindicated in seeing the same coworkers who before provided myself and others funny looks now being forced to undergo the same exact ritual every day.  At least fewer people are getting sick plus I no longer worry about the building’s heating plus cooling method consistently making the problem worse.

UV purification