The A/C in my car is awesome

I loved our home when we first bought it.  Actually, I still love the home, but it is the heating system that I hate.  There is no uniformity when comes to how the house heats. There are some areas that are extremely comfortable, but there are also some areas that are so hot that you can’t stand it.  This will be our second winter here, and before the cold actually sets in, I want to get the HVAC company to come out and give us their opinion on how to best heat the house. I would rather get rid of the old gas furnace, but I’m not sure.  I have a lot of conflicting ideas from friends and family. I was told that radiant heated flooring was the best way to go for our home. I also found out that radiant heated flooring was expensive, and I don’t want to ruin my antique flooring.  Someone else told us that by using Zone Control, we would be able to solve the problems of our erratic heating temperatures. I’m willing to try just about anything, because I am tired of our bedroom being nothing more than a hot box in the winter.  Heat is nice in the winter, but all of the heat seems to settle in our bedroom. I’ve closed the door and shut off the air vent, but somehow, the heat gathers in there. Now I will be talking to the HVAC company. I am thinking that whatever they recommend, as long as I don’t owe them my first born for the solution, it will be alright with me.

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