The a/c is not that efficient

Once my little brother moved out of our parents’ house, my mom got super interested in our family tree.  She started reaching out to our extended family spread across the country. At that point, I had already been moved out for six years,.  My wife and I were expecting our second child. We still lived locally, so my mom and dad often came to visit. The one evening, my mom told  me she had been in contact with the family and there was a family reunion coming up. My dad was unable to take off from work to attend. My mom really wanted to spend a weekend and meet our extended family.  My wife decided to stay behind with our daughter. She didn’t want to fly while pregnant. My little brother, my mom and and I flew out to attend the family reunion. It was more fun than I expected. I was a bit unhappy when I discovered that the house we were staying in didn’t have central cooling.  This was in the middle of July and the weather was quite hot and humid. Instead of a whole-home A/C system, the house was equipped with several window air conditioners. Not all of the guest bedrooms had air conditioning. Since I didn’t want my mom to suffer, and my brother won the coin toss, I ended up without air conditioning.  I got a box fan instead. That bedroom was horribly overheated and stuffy. I was drenched with sweat every night and unable to sleep.

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