The A/C is pumping out air

My son was doing a research project for one of his high school classes. It had to be on a recent invention and so he chose to research air conditioning and how it works. He actually learned a lot about the history of A/C and the fundamentals of air conditioning. He said all of the stuff he learned turned out to be pretty interesting. For instance, did you know that air conditioners actually pick up the heat from inside your house and move it to the outside of your house? So when you put your hand in front of an air conditioning vent and feel the cold air blowing through it, it seems like the air conditioner is actually creating cold air. But in actuality, the air conditioning is taking the heat from inside your house and taking it to the outside instead! Transferring the hot air outside makes the other air inside the house feel cooler as it blows back out through the vents. My son thought that this was super interesting because before he did this research paper, he always assumed that air conditioners just pumped out tons of cold air into a house. He had no idea that the A/C unit was actually removing heat from a home instead. Another interesting thing that happened with his project was that he became so interested in HVAC systems and maintenance that now he thinks he might go into the heating and air conditioning business once he graduates from school! It’s funny how one little research paper can spark an interest like that!

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