The a/c is totally gross

I have to move around a ton for work, and it’s the one portion of our job that I do not care for the most. I have a boyfriend as well as he has kids. I hate to be away from the kids so easily often, unfortunately, I find myself going around at least a few times each month, however last year was absolutely the worst. I was sent to the south, to get some deals signed by a potential buyer… The section was terribly run down, as well as I was forced to stay in the only local place. The motel was easily 1000 years old, as well as most of the fixtures seemed to be the same age. I was afraid to sit on the bed, as well as I did not even pull down the sheets. The worst part was the A/C. I was worried to use the A/C, because there was a green sticky goo oozing out of the dial. I wanted to complain to the manager there, but he skeeved me out. I was only in neighborhood for 1 day, as well as I was determined to make the best of it. I used a towel to remove some goo as well as turn on the A/C. It sounded like a big time train was driving through the room, however at least I could assume chilly air coming out of the A/C vents. I slept in my whole outfit of clothes, in a chair. I propped my socked feet up on the bed, as well as covered my pant legs with some sheets. Then, I positioned myself away from the A/C, just in case there was mold spots in the air vents.

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