The a/c issues

My friend is a food inspector, and she checks steakhouses, & arenas savor that, to make sure that they are keeping up with food safety laws, but needless to say, she is very particular  about what steakhouses she will & will not eat in. There are many things she looks for when the people I was with and I try something new. Clearly, she can’t go & inspect the bedroom however there are particular red flags, we were trying out this new steakhouse that had legitimately crazy reviews. The second that we walked through the door I knew something was bothering her, i noticed that the air was a little overheated but nothing else bizarre. When it came time to order she said “let’s go” & got up & walked out. I had to laugh, this was so like her. I still didn’t know what the problem was however. She explained that a steakhouse that doesn’t have unbelievable laboring air conditioner actually doesn’t have unbelievable refrigeration either. They have their industrial coolers & Heating & Air Conditioning units run individual tests on by the same companies because they work the same. If they are lax about fixing the air conditioning then they may be lax about fixing the refrigerators & freezers as well. I tried to argue that perhaps an Heating & Air Conditioning worker was on the way at this second and the problem may have just happened although she wouldn’t hear any of it. That is ok, I didn’t really want to walk back in after the people I was with and I had walked out so rudely anyway. I must say however, I’ve never gotten sick when eating out with our crazy friend. I know she knows what she is talking about.