The a/c not used that much

My friends and I were huge fans of the snow.  I didn’t really mind driving in it, but it was necessary considering where we lived.  A lot of the older people headed north when it got cold. We weren’t older and we loved the snow and cold.  We had a local ski resort. We loved to snow tube, ski and sled, and this was our favorite place to go. A couple weeks ago, they were taking applications for new hirees.  The three of us headed up there to apply for a job. The neatest part of working at the ski resort was that we had free lift tickets for whenever we weren’t working. We really needed that job.  Once we were hired, we had to go for orientation. One of the things they showed us, was the snow making machine. It was really cool to stand there and watch the machine spit snow out onto the ski trails.  They several of them and there was one man who kept watch on them to make sure they were working properly. They told us that they basically, huge, overpowered air conditioning. Super cold water was forced through them and the cold air froze the water as it was spewed forth.  It created a fine powder snow. I wondered if there was an HVAC company to service these machines, or if it was done by the man who monitored them. Whatever, they must have had some super charged air conditioning machines inside to make it work that well. We are going to love working here.