The A/C worked again!

When my HVAC system broke down a few days ago, I honestly couldn’t afford to call for professional service. I have called the HVAC company a number of times in the past, and I know how much they charge for fixes like this. I always tried to call them only when it was absolutely necessary. Now it seemed to be necessary, but I was really tight on money. I always figured if I just changed the air filters, I would be able to get by, but now I was stuck. I called up a friend and asked him if he knew anybody that could repair HVAC systems. He said that he studied a bunch of DIY videos online and he was able to repair his A/C awhile back. He said he could help me try to fix my A/C also. So he came over and we both got to work with his tools. When we shut down the power to the HVAC unit and got inside the unit, we cleaned it out very well. My buddy could tell there were certain parts that looked pretty worn out. He figured that we should change out those parts. We went to the HVAC supplier and just picked up the parts we needed. They actually asked us if we were HVAC certified, but my buddy said that his dad was an HVAC technician. That wasn’t really the case but he didn’t want them giving us a hard time about doing the job ourselves. It took us a long time to change out the parts, but when we had everything done, the A/C worked again!

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