The ac barely works

My uncle lives about three hours from me, now that I have moved.  I am unable to visit nearly as often as I used. I was so happy when he invited me to his Fourth of July party last year.  I was constantly in and out of his house while I was there. Most of the celebrations were going on outside, but whenever I had the chance, I would be in the house.  I noticed that his air conditioning was so much better than mine. I really hadn’t gone there thinking about spending the night, but after a couple of beers, he invited me and I had to say yes.  At my house, getting it cool enough to be comfortable, is almost impossible. At most, I get the house about ten degrees lower than what is outside. When he asked me to stay, I realized I had the opportunity to sleep in a cool comfortable environment, and I also got to spend more time with my uncle.  When morning came, I knew I had to go back home and I was almost dreading it. I kept thinking about how cool my uncle’s home was compared to my own. As soon as I got into my home, I knew I had to call the HVAC company and have them come out and check my air conditioning. I didn’t care what it cost me.  They came in the next day and it took them practically no time to be able to fix my problem. To think, I had spent two months in a hothouse, only to have a very quick repair needed to have refreshing air conditioning. I really should have called the HVAC company much sooner.

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