The ac on the job

One of my coworkers is a super hilarious person to be honest She always dresses just barely to labor uniform, has a bald head, and makes jokes all day long. Everyone at my job thinks he’s a little too strange, despite the fact that I think he’s just the perfect amount of strange for her job. While most people at my labor are either in the main building, the factory floor, or the warehouse, this woman spends the majority of her day in a big stuffed coat, a hat, and gloves. While our wareapartment has absolutely no heating, ventilation and A/C unit, we still maintain the freezer and the fridge for cold storage, then this women sole job is to keep the freezer organized and kept up to date at all times. She has to bring demands to the manager for what will be brought on the next truck, and she can still be summoned to help out on the sales floor, it actually is super funny to be walking down 1 of the aisles, where the air conditioning system is on just enough to keep the locale comfortable, only to find this woman moving around in snow pants, a hat, and a parka. I’m glad we have him, because all the people else minus the freezer. They say it’s too cold and not safe. One woman even demanded we get him a space heating system or he’d walk. She says she doesn’t care though, the only hard section is walking through the apartment before getting to her area. Without so much as a portable AC component for the warehouse, the heat gets unbearable in the summertime. She gets a cold a lot in the Summer due to the temp changes. However, she gets to listen to music and be mostly unbothered all day, which she argues is about as enjoyable as it gets.

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