The air conditioner in here is great

    I live in the northwestern area of the country, so I particularly despise the weather.  While we happen to get some hot temperatures in the Summer, the season is brief though it’s horribly humid.  The apartment I live in constantly feels overheated plus clammy, but even still it it doesn’t make sense to invest in central cooling.  My partner and I only need a/c for a little more than 10 weeks, so we get by with a portable air conditioner in our bedroom. The portable cooling unit keeps our bedroom nice plus cool, so we can sleep at night. However the rest of the apartment is terribly uncomfortable.  Regardless the fall plus winter seasons are much more extreme. It gets frigid, wet, with gray and cloudy skies. By the end of November, the temperature is usually so chilly that I’m forced to turn on my furnace non-stop. Hoping to save money though, I wait as long as possible to begin heating the house. Once my partner begins complaining about how chilly they are, I crank up the thermostat. However I know that means the furnace will blast nonstop for at least 6 months.  We then spend money on enormous heating bills where the apartment becomes stuffy plus dry. For the sake of saving some money, I take every precaution to prevent energy waste. I make sure to caulk around the windows, weather-strip around the doors, plus I’ve stuffed insulation into every possible crack, crevice plus corner. This keeps outside air from coming inside, reduces our annual costs, plus it creates a more energy efficient home. However, it also traps contaminants within the indoor environment, which then get constantly circulated plus breathed by tenants.  To prevent health concerns, I’ve had to invest in a whole-apartment air cleaner, which also runs nonstop.

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