The air conditioner in my small sedan diminishes the acceleration power

For the foreseeable future, I’m stuck with the half-broken sedan that I am driving currently.

I always wanted a SUV, but the costs were too high from the jump.

Worse yet, many of these cars have much less fuel efficiency opposed to small sedans like the one I own now. Unless you have the money to burn on gasoline expenses, it makes a lot more sense to own a sedan and save money in the process. When I got mine, I had looked at used cars for months with little luck. There were at least three cars that I wanted and had my mechanic friend inspect for me himself after deciding I wanted them. Each time he found huge mechanical issues that weren’t being disclosed. I’ve had the same experiences regardless of whether or not it’s a private sale or a car dealership of some kind. I decided instead to get a modest loan on the cheapest brand new sedan I could find. I managed to get it in this cool metallic gold color that has grown on me the longer I’ve owned it. It’s a decent car, but I have issues using its air conditioner. The cooling system is sufficient at cooling down the car, even when it is hot outside, but it throttles the acceleration on the engine whenever I run the air conditioner on high. Without fail, if the a/c is blasting and I try to step on the gas to speed up, there’s a slight delay and a sputter before the car’s acceleration kicks into place. If you turn off the air conditioner while this is happening, it immediately removes the problem and the engine behaves normally again. I have spoken to coworkers about this and some tell me this is an unfortunate side effect of some weaker four cylinder engines in cheap sedans like mine.
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