The air conditioner in our hotel room kept myself and others up at night whenever it turned on

This went on for each night the people I was with and I stayed during our visit

I have hated traveling ever since I was a little kid. My parents divorced when I was more than 2 years old & I was constantly in a car driving back & forth from 1 state to the next. I saw our mom for a few mornings at a time & after that I stayed with our dad. At that age I was so young I didn’t even have a preference, I just remember being sad from not having the chance to see both parents at the same time. It was sad knowing that I had to leave 1 apartment to go to another, & then being forced to rinse & repeat more than 2 times a week. What this did was create a hatred of travel in myself and others from a actually early age. I loathe it nowadays regardless of the reason. Even if I guess I’m going to a beautiful getaway destination, the process of getting there feels prefer an endless nightmare. I hate the long car trips & the random hotel stays. Recently our wife & I stayed in a hotel while going to see her parents on the other side of the country. My wife was triumphant with our accommodations, however I hated the air conditioner. My wife is a heavy sleeper, however I’m not. That hotel air conditioner kept myself and others up all night whenever it started cycling. I might fall asleep for a few fourths however then I’d get woken up again when I heard the component turn on. This went on for each night the people I was with and I stayed during our visit. By the time the people I was with and I were set to leave, I was a total wreck. I had barely slept for mornings & I was starting to get delirious. It just further cemented our hatred for traveling.
Air conditioning worker