The air conditioner is essential at an ice cream shop

There was a complete disaster at the ice cream shop today.

It wasn’t their fault that the air conditioner stopped working, but the air conditioner was completely broken at the ice cream shop. Today was an incredibly hot day at the ice cream shop, and when we arrived, the room was very hot. It felt like someone had turned on the furnace. When we talked to the owner of the ice cream shop, she told us that the following day, the HVAC technicians had arrived at their shop to inspect the air conditioner. The warmer temperatures had taken a while to arrive, and the ice cream shop wanted to make sure that the air conditioner was going to be working. People usually buy ice cream to make sure that they stayed cool on the hot summer days, and the last thing that they need is a broken air conditioner. While we were in the ice cream shop, the only cool air in the entire building was in front of the ice cream and in the freezer. Sadly, without the air conditioner, the ice cream was beginning to melt, and it was no longer appealing. The ice cream shop was trying to sell the ice cream as quickly as possible before it all melted. Without the air conditioner working, it was not as nice eating in the shop. I walked around outside with my ice cream and enjoyed the afternoon. I can walk home, where my air conditioner is working and where I don’t have to worry about my ice cream or any of my other food getting ruined without the air conditioner.
Air conditioning worker