The air conditioner is warm

Lately I have been noticing a bit of a problem with our a/c, and specifically, that it does not seem to be producing freezing air, despite the fact that it is running. Now, I would honestly like to believe that I did not waste our money on an a/c that cannot do its only job. Then again, perhaps I had been negligent of something, which resulted in this issue I’m having. I abruptly realized that I hadn’t changed the air filter in a few weeks. I believe that has a nice first step, isn’t it? I was kind of embarrassed that I would forgotten the number one rule for self-repair of our Heating in addition to A/C system. I hastily rectified our mistake in addition to changed out the air filter. I have to say that I got a little bit more freezing air coming from the vents, however not near as much as I should have. I was start to suspect that there was another problem. I considered the thermostat itself. The thermostat was an old dial one that has been around in this apartment since before I even moved in. I suspected it might be on its way out, because I was putting it on its coldest setting in addition to the air temperature did not even come close. Though it could have been another problem entirely, I went out on a limb in addition to purchased a new thermostat.This one was a touchscreen, programmable thermostat. I am lucky because getting a new thermostat did the trick in addition to I was able to know freezing air coming from the vents once more.

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