The air cooling at a hotel

I have had a lot of luck with hotels. Maybe I am just good at noticing the best ones to pick out. Maybe I just select the right ones with a/c, or maybe I do not have the best of living conditions in our own house to compare to a hotel that might have bad cooling! Actually, I am quite comfortable in our own home. I have everything I could ever desire, as well as though it is a small house, I have enough space for our needs in the end. The a single little problem I have always had in this house is not very good a/c. The a/c that was already set up in the house when I bought it was never that great to start with. It was already around 9 years old when I bought the house as well as it needed larger than usual repairs. And yet, it never seemed to recover from the setbacks that the previous owners had given it. That is why when I travel, it seems like the a/c in our hotel room is heavenly in comparison. It just seems so much more clean and powerful! The a/c program I have at house barely keeps me cold though, even on max settings. It seems enjoy a major war just for it to push out an sufficient amount of cool air. The air cooling systems I have found in our hotel rooms on the other hand, are far more robust as well as the control equipment can be set to bigger and better temperatures, while still cooling the room far more.

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