The air ducts are ruined

I take absolutely great care of my forced air furnace and central cooling system. The heating and cooling component was a immense investment, and I’d enjoy to keep them in great shape. Plus, in the part where I live, there’s dire weather just about all year long. I rely heavily on the furnace and cooling system, and pay sizeable utility bills. I’ve enrolled in a service program with a local Heating and A/C company to ensure the idea runs as efficiently and reliably as possible. A specialist comes to the lake house twice per year to service the many components. When the cooling system wasn’t acting right this past summer, I couldn’t imagine what was causing the concerns. The cooling idea was abruptly running for much longer cycles, and yet not managing to keep the lake house cool.  There were warm and cold spots in many rooms. There was also an scary amount of dust floating around in the air and gathering on surfaces. I was continually vacuuming and cleaning, and unhappy about the musty odor. I finally called the Heating and A/C company for repair. After a thorough inspection, the specialist informed me that the cause of all the cooling system issues was the duct system. The ducts were leaking at the seams. It took the Heating and A/C company a little over an hour to properly seal the many seams. The difference in the comfort, cleanliness and odor of the lake house was immediate. Plus, this service significantly lowered the cost of my biweekly energy bill. From now on, I’ll make sure to have the ducts tested every year.

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