The air ducts won’t close

I had a bit of a sticky issue lately, as well as when I mean sticky, I entirely really mean it in every single sense of the word! To get right to the point, the air vents of our Heating as well as Air Conditioning unit were not closing when I wanted them to, however so, since the air vents would not close, I decided to try a little do it yourself kind of thing, as well as purchased some duct tape. You see, what would happen, is every time that I tried to close the air vents, they would stick as well as then slam right open again! When I got the duct tape as well as put it on the one area of the air vents that seemed to be causing the issue, these things entirely would stay shut. It would be a bit of a task though having to scrape off the duct tape to be able to open up the air vents once again when I wanted the air to come out in that particular room! After about 2 months of dealing with this, I finally decided to cut down as well as just call our local Heating as well as Air Conditioning corporation to come out to try to repair these air vent concerns I was having. The Heating as well as Air Conditioning specialist that they sent kind of laughed at me with the duct tape all over the location! He was able to repair the sticking air vents within a matter of hours. He as well as the heating as well as corporation he worked for were really cool about the whole situation. They didn’t charge me the full hourly rate, as well as pro rated the Heating as well as Air Conditioning call to charge me for just a half an hour.

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