The air filter should be changed

I love my job.  I really, actually love what I do for a living.  But, as with any professional, there are aspects of my duties I can’t stand.  My chosen profession is real estate. The ability to see so many properties gets me up in the morning.  Plus, I love being able to bring together the right buyer and seller. I just adore it when everybody ends up happy.  Quite honestly, I would say the vast majority of the deals I make are mutually beneficial. However, there are some homeowners who nearly drive me away.  There is a seller I’m dealing with now who just won’t budge on anything. The breaking point was when I broke it down for him about his HVAC. His heating and cooling system is archaic.  And, I think he has a problem with knowledgeable, straight forward women. When I told him it was necessary to replace his HVAC system, he exploded. I let him rant about how all I wanted was a higher commision and how all realtors were crooks.  Heard all this before. Once he got hold of himself, I calmly explained his situation. The HVAC unit in question will be twenty years old this year. It uses freon or r 22 refrigerant which is just over a year away from being illegal to manufacture.  I took him outside to show him how the condenser shakes violently while it’s running. Finally, I mentioned how the HVAC unit hardly ever quits running but it feels stale and dank inside. Perhaps this graphic picture will convince him to shut up and let me do my job.

HVAC service plan