The air purifier is not doing it’s job

In the modern world of the past almost 20 years, the internet plus SMS has been an everyday way of life for most people all around the country. At first, back 20 years ago, I could not understand or get the concept of SMS or to check it every day. However, today, it is part of our biweekly things I do. The a single thing I dislike though is spam that makes no sense. I get all this stuff about viagra non-stop plus it gets ridiculous. However, lately, i’ve been getting a new spam bomb. These are all about heating plus cooling, a/c, radiant radiant floors, Heating plus A/C repair, etc. I could go on plus on about it! You get an SMS subject that says “Free Heating plus A/C repair” or “Update your heating plus cooling system now!”. Then you open it, plus it is just a different looking link that is entirely a virus, followed by a bunch of gibberish that just throws words together related to Heating plus A/C systems; Like a single I got, it said nothing but “cooling plus heating is good for the radiant radiant floors in an Heating plus A/C system on your smart control unit”…and I was thinking what!?? Totally silly stuff that makes entirely no sense whatsoever! But, it was always the same with the viagra spam bombings I used to get for the first half of the internet era. So, I have become used to all this heating plus cooling spam that has been hitting our SMS for well over a year’s time now. I figured I just see it, laugh at it, don’t even open it half the time, plus just delete the garbage! It is all I can do really.

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