The air quality is an issue

My Uncle Dan raised my mom after their parents passed away in a car accident. He said he needed a good career to be able to support her.  Now, twenty years later, he didn’t only work in HVAC, but he owned his own company. Mom was still telling everyone that Uncle Dan was the the go to, but now it was if they had HVAC problem.  Her friends all used Uncle Dan’s HVAC company and anyone else that she talked to, had his card, or used his business. So, when I bought my house, it was only natural that I would have Uncle Dan on speed dial, in case I had a problem with my heating or air conditioning.  Last month, I had a problem with the air conditioning. I turned it on, but it never really got my home down to the seventy that I was hoping for. The airflow was minimal and even though I set the thermostat to sixty-eight, it was only seventy-five in my home. I called Uncle Dan and I told him about the problem.  He told me that it could be a couple of things, but his best guess was that no one had changed the air filter. He told me that if the air filter was dirty, there wasn’t enough air flowing through the ductwork. Without the airflow being good, there was no way for the air conditioned air to get through the system and get my home down to the proper temperature.  As soon as I hung up, I checked my air filter. I called Uncle Dan and told him he was right, just as soon as I put in a new air filter, and I could feel the airflow finally come out as it should.

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