The air quality is an issue

My husband and I survived after remodeling the guest bathroom. Afterwards, we sat on the couch to take a deep breath.  We began looking around the entertainment room, knowing that this was going to be another major project. We laughed as he told me that we’re was getting too old for projects.  We needed to add ventilation into the bathroom, which involved putting an exhaust fan in, and an exhaust escape, through the roof. We ripped up the flooring, because we were planning on putting in radiant heating, and we found that the tiles were laid over rotted floorboards. We were shocked that no one fell through the floor, yet.  Doing the radiant heating was really simple compared to installing the ventilation system and replacing the ceiling. We ended up having to buy a new vanity for the bathroom, because of the messed up, faulty wiring. There were hot wires all bundled up, and we were shocked that the house hadn’t burned down already. The bathroom ended up looking gorgeous, and the exhaust fan sounded like a mere whisper. We ended up installing a new ceiling in the basement, because the rotted floorboards caused moisture to get into the ceiling in the basement.  Black mold was all over. If I didn’t laugh, I would have starting crying. I told him that it may have been cheaper to just abandon the house, and move to Hawaii, in a new townhouse on the beach. The bathroom costs exceeded our budget for the entire project. Oh well, we are now loving our radiant heated floors.

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