The air vents are on the floor

We went on a search for the air conditioning unit and we found it in a small closet

My wife and I will be spending a couple of months in a rental home. I recently finished my professorship and I was offered a part time position down south. I had wanted to work with the professor who I liked the most, but due to cutbacks, they were cutting back on teaching staff. I was thinking that we may enjoy being down south during the winter. It sounded like it could be fun. Our rental was a small beach house down near the Gulf and it sounded kind of homey. When we got there, we were kind of surprised at what we found. The university I was to work for was about the only thing in the area. Our home looked nice enough, but when we got inside, it was in bad shape. The tiles were cracked or missing. There is very little water pressure and the drains run slow. I had to flush the toilet three times before I could even get it to empty. There is also a nasty smell coming from the air vents. I thought that a lot of the problem here was that the air vents were on the floor. Whenever anyone walked across the floor, dirt would be shuffled into the air vent and I was guessing they had never been cleaned. We went on a search for the air conditioning unit and we found it in a small closet. That’s when we saw the mold inside the closet and on the AC unit. I called the HvAC company who came out and got the AC working properly, but we had to get a dehumidifier. After the air vents and the ductwork were cleaned, we didn’t think it would be too bad.

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