The area I grew up and a/c

The area of the state I grew up in is neat. It is right in the city and there is so much to do outdoors. It’s like a whole other world when I go back to visit. My mom and dad have kept my room just the same and I adore it. Still has my big king sized bed and vintage dresser from my good papa. The floors are hard chilly tile and the walls are a florescent orange. There is a AC unit in my room and I have so many memories with it. 1 time I got into some trouble with it. I was sneaking out at night and decided I had to take away the AC unit from the window. I was kind of a kid so I wasn’t sure about the best way to go about with this all. Without pondering this when I opened the window and in that same moment the AC unit fell to the floor below. I was bewildered. 1st of all I could not live without an AC unit in my room, the summers were incredibly warm! I was concerned to tell my mother and father because I knew for sure they would be worried. I told them the next day and the phoned our Heating, Ventilation & A/C provider. He came out to set up a new plan for us. My mother and father decided to upgrade to central ac so I no longer had a portable AC unit. They made me give money for the repairs to the cooling plan and I had to job all hot season time to repair it.

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