The art of office job interviews

There is an art to interviewing for a job.

Of course you need to have your ducks all in a row, so to speak, and have a stellar resume and a CV, perhaps.

You need to do your research on the job in question and be ready and enthusiastic about it. I have heard some people interviewing and obviously don’t know a thing about the job they are trying to get. Be prepared, is the best advice I can give, but that said there are some things you simply can’t prepare for. The worst job interview I ever had was for an office job, and I was ready for it but my air conditioner was not. That morning when I got out of bed it felt like the heating had been running all night, and the whole place was hot and humid. I checked the thermostat and the digital readout was completely blank, which indicated a major problem. I hoped it just meant the thermostat needed new batteries, but that was not the case. I didn’t have time to call for an AC repair tech at the moment, because I needed to get ready for the interview. By the time I finished dressing and getting ready, I was dripping with sweat due to the lack of proper cooling. I rode to the interview with the AC blasting in the car trying to cool myself down and dry up some of the sweat. The interview was a mess, because I looked terrible and was off my game, but at least the office had great air conditioning in it.

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