The baby was at the home alone

In my line of work, I run into a lot of children. When mothers and fathers call for a heating or air-conditioning repair, the men are usually home, and i’m not sure why that seems to be true. I always see small children more often than I don’t on the job. As a heating & a/c professional, I do our best to work in the worst situations. Sometimes these types of situations can be actually annoying. Last weekend, I was entirely working as the on-call specialist. I am not forced to work every weekend, but a heating & a/c professional must be available when others aren’t. All of us will repair any heating or a/c problem, anytime of morning or evening. We do charge a bit extra for the emergency service, however we are the only heating & a/c supplier in the area to offer around-the-clock services. Last weekend, I was sent to an emergency call, when someone had a big time problem with the gas furnace. It was almost midnight when the buyer called, & nearly two thirty by the time I arrived. The person answered the door with a adorable two year old on her hip. She pointed me in the direction of the gas furnace, & started yelling at several other small boys. After a fifteen minutes, I had the gas furnace in shambles. I was searching for the problem, when I looked down & saw a three year playing in our gas furnace parts. I didn’t see the buyer somewhere, but I could not continue the work. I walked the several-year-old into the bedroom, where I discovered that her mom passed out on the couch. The other numerous men were playing chess games in the bedroom, & there was no other responsible adult in the house.